Preventable chronic conditions hijacking your health benefits? Tired and overworked zombies residing in your workplace? And is “burnt-out” the catch-phrase for how everyone’s feeling.

You’re convinced a comprehensive workplace wellness program is necessary but not sure where to begin…

Truth is producing outcome-based workplace wellness programs is not an easy task. If you are committed to creating a culture of care and want to see your efforts in designing an effective wellness program pay off, then we recommend starting with our leading-edge comprehensive approach – the ProactiveAssessment.

What is it? Let's break it down

First, we “DEFINE” where you are as an organization

By conducting a comprehensive interview with the right stakeholders, current-state
data analysis and combining our uniquely-designed online “employee’s voice wellness”
survey results, all the necessary insights will be gathered to determine next steps.

Then we “DESIGN” based on your needs

Tell us what your measure-of-success is and we’ll design the program specific for that outcome.

Using available data, we tailor a research-backed, results-oriented plan unique to your
company – incorporating your distinct profile, metrics and goals.

Enthusiastically we “DEPLOY”

After a brief pilot trial period to help build excitement, we roll out your unique
program and watch the magic unfold. With you every step of the way we ensure a seamless experience.

What is it? Lets break it down…

And finally we “DETERMINE” if we are on the right track

We’re there with you, evaluating progress and making corrective adjustments as needed. And then we do it all over again!

About the Employee's Voice Wellness Survey

Proactive Movement’s Employee’s Voice survey is designed to help discover:

  • Employees’ current health status and their challenges in making wellness a priority
  • Utilization and employee opinions regarding existing programs and policies
  • Employees’ preferences on desired wellness-at-work services
  • The connection between your organization and its employees
  • Current workplace variables negatively impacting employees’ well-being
  • Sources of workplace stress and relevance to organizational success metrics
  • Current state of measurable and self-reported employee opinion metrics i.e. employee satisfaction

Furthermore, this survey effectively identifies wellness-programming priorities and provides a baseline for future measurement.

With employee participation, the information gathered will help you make fundamental decisions about creating a healthier and more supportive work environment.

Survey Details

The Employee Opinion Survey can be completed on-line or on paper. A combination of both is also available. The survey will take less than 15 minutes to complete, has a maximum of 50 questions and is divided into five sections.

Want to learn more about our uniquely-designed “Employee’s Voice Wellness” Survey? Connect with us and we’ll gladly share more.