In one word: Comprehensive

Why? We aim for results. Visible, measurable positive outcomes for you and your employees.


  • You know exactly what program you are looking for
  • You’ve been tasked to create a brand new workplace wellness
    program OR
  • You’d like to improve your current program with our offerings

It’s our job to help move you in the right

By combining guiding principles from World Health Organization and World
Economic Forum, best practices from today’s leading health experts and your
unique organizational needs, we’ll get you started on the path to wellness and productivity.

Every organization is unique so connect with us to determine the vital steps necessary for your successful outcome.

Looking to improve your workplace wellness program? We suggest starting with our ProactiveAssessment which includes our uniquely-designed online “employee’s voice wellness survey”.



“I was very impressed by the pre-seminar online questionnaire that was
distributed to our staff. Proactive Movement’s approach really had a positive
impact on the conversations that took place the day of the session.”
Danijela O – ESSO