All organizations strive to be profitable, innovative and leaders in their industry.
No matter what, internal goals include attracting and retaining top talent and
ensuring efficiency, productivity and quality at all levels.

However, times have evolved. With changes in demographic and social realities,
attracting, retaining and operating a dynamic workforce has become a greater

At any time, a portion of your employee population may be

Overworked, unhealthy and struggling to find balance. If this occurrence is a
reality in your workforce then low job performance, stress, lack of engagement
and job dissatisfaction are common concerns amongst your employees.

That’s why employees today place a
premium on organizations that offer
respectful culture, healthy & safe work
environments, and valuable work-life
balance programs. To be exact, 88%
of workers see great value in corporate
wellness programs and wish their
organizations took part.

You may wonder, how does employee health affect the operation of an entire organization. Take a look at some
factors below and consider what they
mean to the overall performance of your company.



When an employee is stressed out, unhealthy and or fed up he or she
won’t be fully functional and most likely won’t be at work!

Absenteeism due to work-life conflict costs the economy between $6
billion to $10 billion a year.


Expecting high quality work from a burnt-out and unhealthy employee
is simply asking for the impossible.

A physically active employee is 12% more productive then a sedentary


Unhealthy and unhappy employees are more likely to quit their jobs.

83.1% of Canadian workers identified stress as the major health concern
within their organization.

So, what does a healthy employee do for your organization?

The simple truth is that a healthy employee
is a happier and much more productive
employee. A spirited and robust individual
can think clearly, lead more effectively,
build outstanding relationships, and
produce exceptional results. Having said
that, it is clear that every company would
want to employ and retain healthy individuals.

By sincerely evaluating your organization, you
can visibly recognize that an overall wellness
program is necessary to mitigate internal
stressors and vital for the growth and
sustainability of your business. Like any other
strategic initiative, a robust wellness program
has the capability to transform your workforce.