Environment and genetics both carry 20% stake in a person’s overall health.
However, these factors are almost insignificant compared to the 50% that accounts
for lifestyle choices linked to where we live, learn, play and work.

Over the past decade, the average work week has increased from 42 to 45 hours
and continuing to rise. Furthermore, 52% of employees continue to work at home
after a busy workday, up from 31% in 1990! So it’s clear that engaging in healthy
activities is extremely difficult and even impossible for some.

Based on employees sedentary lives, poor diets and highly pressured routines, it is
vital to practice healthy living more than ever before. Without a doubt, maintaining
status quo will increase chances of burnouts, mental illness, and chronic disease.

Did you know that the following are top five risk factors for chronic and non-communicable diseases

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Lack of Physical Activity
  • Smoking
  • High Alcohol Consumption
  • High Stress

* Examples of chronic & non communicable diseases are heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

Take a second and ask yourself whether you are at riskā€¦


Based on World Health Organization, even
moderate behavioural changes towards healthy
living, especially increasing physical activity
and improving diet are sufficient to prevent
the development of almost 60% of type 2
diabetes & 30% of all cancers!

At Proactive Movement, we strive to assist
you in your health journey by helping you overcome your everyday barriers such as time & resources. By implementing physical activity, healthy eating, stress management and disease prevention programs right at your workplace, we make healthy living the easier choice!

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