Whether you are feeling low on energy, dreaming of losing a few extra pounds or in need of an entire cultural revamp at work, we have the right programs for you.

proactive Fitness
To Get You Moving

Did you know that physical activity is the best intervention for combating stress, low energy and overall health complications? Yet, 60% of us aren’t moving enough to simply maintain our health. Learn how to make physical activity a part of your day.

proactive Fitness
To Get You Thinking

Say you are stressed, eat poorly, have back pain and the list goes on. Now what? There are incredible best practices that can help you replace your daily habits with positive ones that lead to positive outcomes. We know going to each and every health expert is not realistic, so learn how our experts can gather the knowledge in one place helping you transition to a healthier state.

proactive Massage
To Give You a Break

The brain can only be productive for a certain amount of time until it simply shuts down. Don’t pretend to be productive by continuously staring at your screen, we all need a break. Learn how a simple massage can be one of the best methods to reboot.

If you are an employee

Its likely that you want to work in a positive, vibrant, energetic space that allows you to be your very best. Let’s be honest. A sedentary environment with never-ending responsibilities and no rejuvenating breaks can get stale quickly.

Our programs come to your rescue! They are easy to implement and our participants rave about them… so, it’s definitely worth learning more about.

If you are an employer

It’s likely that you’ve already recognized the main pain-points of your employees. Never ending days. Conflicting priorities. A lack of self care leading to burn-out. A disengaged and naysaying workforce. OR if you’re lucky, you’ve got a great bunch and want to keep them vibrant.

Either way, at Proactive Movement we promote self-care, inspire through knowledge sharing and enable healthy choices at work. It’s a guarantee that we’ll help keep your workforce energized.

If you’re looking for valuable, fun and sustainable workplace wellness programs, you’re in the right place. That’s what we do! And we aim to make the experience easy and effective since we know you’ve got other things on your to-do list. Our purpose is to make healthy energizing breaks a vital part of your ongoing organizational culture.


Whether you’re looking to change the trend in your benefits usage, increase the energy in your workplace or simply make a collective promise to increase your physical activity level as colleagues, today’s the day to start. Learning more about the programs below will help solidify your desire. Through best practices acquired from world health organization and world economic forum, these programs will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Not sure what you need?

Call us and let’s chat. If you ask us, we almost always recommend conducting a workplace wellness survey before getting started. How can you have an ongoing, effective program if you haven’t consulted with your employees? Click here to learn more about Proactive Assessment. In a nutshell, as an external company we can obtain valuable data from your workforce to begin building a solid program.


A few more nuggets about Proactive Movement:

  • We’ve retained over 90% of our clients over the past 5 years and our program participants are certainly reaping the benefits of our programs!
  • It’s our mission to create positive health outcomes. To name a few: weight loss, lower stress levels, higher energy and reduction in common pains and aches.
  • With a comprehensive understanding of current complications with benefits, sick days and short/long term disability usage, we advocate health promotion as one of the key drivers of cost containment and help you achieve your goals.
  • Annually-programmed, strategically-designed, easy to implement and effective wellness activities are our differentiators! Our founder Bailey Vaez speaks at industry conferences and teaches hundreds of other Human Resource and Wellness professionals how to deploy the same strategy. (Learn more about our approach)
  • We can help you whether you are looking for a simple program to get started or a comprehensive, metric-driven wellness strategy.