These days it seems, Tech companies have figured it out. They understand what it takes to maximize brainpower and physical needs of the body. So, to get the most out of their top talent they create workplace breaks such as quick massage days to help with renewal in the midst of a busy day.

But who is to say others can’t leverage from their best practices.

Truth is, we are either running in and out of meetings, attempting to meet tight deadlines or have a pile of other “to-do lists” to attend to. No matter how sore the back, the shoulders or cluttered our brain, we keep on going until we crash! The last thing on our mind is to re-set and re-align the body. There is so much to be done that there is ZERO time for a break.

When was the last time you took a moment to reset?


Think about it. When was the last time you took a moment to re-focus while at work?

Most likely the answer is … “I don’t recall…”

This is exactly where things go wrong. Our brains and bodies aren’t wired to work for extended periods of time without breaks. You’ve certainly caught yourself staring at your computer screen and wondering what you’ve done with the past hour.

If you want to create a health-minded, caring, and productive work environment, mini breaks such as massage is a win-win solution. Your employees will love you. The culture of the organization will slowly change for the better. And this simple caring act can be the beginning of many other positive health shifts within your workforce.

So, let’s take care of you when you need a break… It’s easy


Relish a quick rejuvenating exchange through onsite chair massage and reap the benefits of silence and relaxation at work.
Our short and sweet onsite massage provides a change of pace, enabling you to recharge. It’s guaranteed to be better than any coffee or chatter break by the water cooler.

These restorative sessions enable you to breathe in liveliness and ultimately work better. Our result-based ongoing massage programs are truly rewarding both for your organization and the individual employee.


Wondering how to get started?

It’s simple. Pick a day and # of hours you’d like to have us onsite and we’ll take care of the rest.

Don’t Take Our Word For It! See what our clients are saying…

With the biweekly massage program, our staff get a moment to relax and manage their stress levels, and this positive service definitely benefits both the individual and the organization.
– Carla R – Fleishman-Hillard Canada

Need a well-deserved break? We can help!