Have you been wanting to eat healthier, reduce your stress, lose those extra pounds or lessen your back pain? Yet you’ve done nothing about it?

We don’t blame you. We understand you’ve got a million other priorities and that you’ve probably realized that changing your habits is not as easy as you think.

Think again

How does your current state impact you, your family, friends and your workplace? Are you able to be the best you can be and maximize each day with greatness? Maybe, but most likely not.

When we are craving a change in our lives and we can’t seem to get it right, it consumes us, robs us of confidence and hinders our ability to make the most of every moment.

Is there hope for change? Even if you’ve got no energy or time to make a transformation? YES!


  • 60% of employee populations are overweight.
  • #1 reason for doctor visits is due to stress.
  • Chronic conditions such as bad back and migraines are the norm, and
  • 38% of full time employees in Canada are suffering from burnout.

Workplaces are realizing they need to get involved and help their employees get in the health habit.

By collaborating with your workplace, we know we can help. We’ll create a valuable information exchange to inspire change in you and your workplace. We’ll teach and support you through your transformation!


ProactiveLearning is a habit-enhancing, goal-oriented group learning experience. Our interactive educational workshops form the foundation to positive change. We hold ourselves accountable to results.

Wondering how to get started? Review the ProactiveLearning series below and let us know what resonates. We’ve got over 50 informative workshops to share with you.

(See Philip’s Story | he lost more than 50lbs)
Nutrition Series
Nutrition Series

Low-carb, high-protein? Good and bad fats? Raw, vegan, organic? Oh my! When did it get so confusing to eat? With the influx of information and abundance of choice, it’s actually gotten harder to know what to do. The Nutrition Series focuses on your nutritional health, providing you with the tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle. We are here to make it simple, demystify the confusion and give you the absolute truths. We will teach and support you with a toolbox of all you need. All workshops are reinforced with healthy recipes and tasty samples!

Healthy Weight
Healthy Weight

Demystify weigh-loss. 95% of people who lose weight regain it. Find out why and what you can do differently. The Healthy Weight Series informs, empowers and supports you through your weight- loss goals. These workshops focus on the everyday barriers and effective actions to managing a healthy weight. Finally, discover the strategies necessary to keep you on track. Win the weight-loss war for life.

Physical Health Series
Physical Health Series

We are either behind the desk or behind the wheel. Sitting all day long has major consequences. The Physical Health Series equips you with techniques to promote optimal corporal wellness, from essential ergonomics, effective stretching and strengthening techniques, to 20-minute workouts anytime, anyplace. Arm yourself with the knowledge and tools to support your physical health, restore the body and prevent future harm.

Personal Resiliency Series
Personal Resiliency Series

Our lives are overflowing with priorities. Change is constant. Our time is limited and we are overwhelmed with choice. THIS is affecting our health. The Personal Development Series focuses on your mental and personal resiliency, arming you with tools and techniques to live an optimal balanced life. Classes span from time management and goal setting, mindfulness and meditation to how to manage and master change. This series is all about creating a happier, more resilient and whole you.

Stress Management Series
Stress Management Series

Burnt out and overwhelmed? Headaches? Not sleeping? Constantly sick? No one is immune to stress, but we can help. The Stress Management Series empowers you with strategies in dealing with stress and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Workshops examine the relationship between stress with food, sleep, communication and so much more. Learn to understand stress, master it in your daily life and prevent further damage to your health.

Lifestyle Series
Lifestyle Series

The Lifestyle Series is a self-curated program providing you with the flexibility to choose the classes that are best suited for your goals. Pick a minimum of 3 or more ProactiveLearning workshops to start on the path towards an optimally balanced lifestyle.

Want Mega Results? Make any series into a

Proactive Challenge

ProactiveChallenge is a competition where everyone wins. A series of workshops that can be ran as a group challenge or individual journey. They’re designed to achieve exceptional lasting positive results. Every series can be enhanced with a pre- and post- individual assessment to assist in measuring progress and achieving results.

ProactiveLearning is a successful program for our clients.

Don’t Take Our Word For It! See what our clients are saying…

We have gotten more out of our yearly ProactiveLearning progras than we could ever imagine. Proactive Movement does not only provide practical health information but they also inspire meaningful change in our employee’s attitudes and behaviors.
Fred L Howie Sacks and Henry LLP

When it comes to employees: 80% of program participants have said that ProactiveLearning increases their employee satisfaction and assists them in having a better workday. The Best Part – 100% of participants shared that they applied the knowledge and were able to make meaningful change as a result.

  • We don’t provide “lunch and learn” workshops. We bring expertise and value that will inspire your group to make positive change. We hold ourselves accountable to results.
  • All programs are built on the notion that “lifestyle habits keep the doctor away”. So if benefits trends or sick days are a problem, our programs can help address those concerns in the long run.
  • We work with the dynamics of the group to ensure employees connect with one another in a meaningful personal way.
  • Our clients continue with the ProactiveLearning program year after year. That means we’re doing something right!

Ready to be inspired? Let’s get started!