Proactive Movement is a strategic organization focused on facilitating workplace and employee wellness. In our view, cultivating a culture of care is a fundamental pathway to a rewarding bottom-line and real productivity.

Why Workplace Wellness?

Whether we’re employers or employees, we work more, move less, eat poorly and are frequently stressed. Putting our health on the backburner is costing us in anguish and our companies thousands of dollars each year.

We recognize and are addressing the need for alternative wellness solutions by striving to foster healthier work environments. By renewing the human mind & body, one’s focus, creativity, and passion heightens to extraordinary levels. That’s why we’re so committed to creating balance in the workplace to nurture a productive, enjoyable environment and enhance corporate wellness at both individual and organizational level.


We believe everyone can live a healthy and
happy life through

Movement… it improves health.

Find out more about our ProactiveFitness program and see how movement can improve your health.

Knowledge… it inspires positive change.

Discover how our ProactiveLearning program inspires positive change.

Relaxation… it’s integral to productivity.

See how our ProactiveMassage program can transform attitudes.

We believe that our proactive and seamless programs help prevent disease, increase energy and boost engagement in your office. Most importantly, our programs create a productive work environment where employees are present and energized in every sense of the word.

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